Mold Air Quality Testing In Orlando

Get your air quality tested, especially if you live in Orlando or Central Florida!

The humidity in Florida can easily infect your air!

Why is Air Quality Testing Important?

Why on earth do you need air quality testing? Orlando is a state with relatively clean air (beach, wind, sun, etc.), so why would you even consider this?

Well, you may think that only surfaces in your house get dirty. After all, if you look at the air around you, it looks clear and clean right? That’s a common mistake that many make. While the bacteria, mold, spores, and other toxins in your air are invisible to your eyes, don’t be mistaken–they can cause all sorts of serious issues.

The way this works is that when mold or similar bacteria begin to grow somewhere out of sight–for example, mold in your air vents–they start to release mold spores at a certain point. These are microscopic bits of mold that float through the air. If they land on another surface elsewhere in your house, they will start a new mold colony their, which then release their own spores, and so on. This is a big deal!

Mold Spores Are Terrible for Your Lungs!

Once enough mold colonies are producing spores it starts to hit a level of density in your air that can cause real health issues. Mold spores regularly exacerbate allergies, but worse, they can seriously hurt asthma patients or others with lung conditions like COPD or Cystic Fibrosis. Constantly breathing in bacteria that are toxic for your lungs can make your breathing worse, or make you more susceptible to lung infections, illnesses, etc.

Mold spores in your air aren’t something to play around with.

How to Tell if Your Indoor Air Quality is Bad?

Unfortunately there’s no way to just look at your air to tell if it’s dangerous. Indoor air has things floating around us all the time like dust and other particles that aren’t dangerous at all. The best way to tell if your indoor has has become infected with mold is through an Air Quality Test.

With an Air Quality Test, you can determine several things. First, you’ll know the density of the bacterial spores in your air. This gives you a general picture of your air health. Second, it gives you an idea of exactly what kind of bacteria we’re dealing with. The best Air Quality Testing doesn’t just tell if you have a problem, it can determine exactly what kind of problem you have. Maybe it’s not mold infesting your air, maybe it’s something else!

How Can We Help?

Thankfully, there’s a simple way we can help. We can conduct an Air Quality Test anywhere in Orlando to determine whether your air is filled with mold spores or other toxins. From there, we’ll know if you have a mold infestation and can take steps to find it and begin remediation work.

We follow all relevant protocols and prioritize your safety and the safety of your family. We’ll treat your mold infestation at the source and do our best to completely eliminate it from your environment. Often mold remediation jobs are large and complex, so we work closely with your insurance company to find the most cost-effective solution. Sometimes they require tear-outs of parts of the wall, baseboards, or appliances. In cases like that, we work extremely carefully to ensure that your house looks as good as new once we’re done.

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