NanoGuard is introducing a new way to simplify the Aircraft Disinfection process. This uniquely effective solution for deep disinfection of entire air frames, sensitive navigational equipment, private, commercial aircraft, and ATC towers uses the most cutting-edge technologies and meets criteria established by the CDC as well as most aviation authorities in the world.

Certification: Product is Boeing D67127 Rev P & Airbus AIMS09-00-002 and EPA certified, NSF rated Disinfectant safe for ‘food contact surfaces with no rinse required’ and is totally non-corrosive to porous and non-porous surfaces, non-irritating to skin.

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01 Preparation

Assessment of your aircraft’s mission readiness, disinfection requirements, passenger and/or cargo requirements, previous exposure to contaminants or perhaps mold due to moisture damage are discussed and a thorough disinfection plan and schedule is arrived at.

Our initial contamination tests form the basis of our evaluation and recommendations.

02 Disinfect

Following advance guidelines we’ve established we will treat throughout the aircraft including under seats baggage areas opening access ports as required and removing interior components such as carpet as required.

03 Protect

Next, using our NanoShield application, the aircraft is re-sprayed applying a self-assembling monolayer which protects all surfaces from mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses for 90 days.

04 Verification & Authorities

Our teams are aeronautical engineers certified A&P’s and IA’s. We are highly skilled aviation professionals who will test, verify results, and create logbook entries IAW industry standards, giving you marketable and operational confidence in your aviation assets.

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