At Nano Guard marine we understand the unique and specialized marine industry.  We have programs tailored made to suite our clients specific most decerning needs, anything from the family cruising boat,  300 foot Super yacht or an entire Marina, shipyard even Marine manufacturing facilities.   You can be assured that with our 20 plus years’ experience in the industry as Captains, and shipwrights ,  We have your best interests as our top priority.

The Nano guard system creates a healthier environment, From the air you breath to the surfaces you touch, for crew, owners and guests.   We accomplish this by finding the best technology and environmentally conscious products in the disinfectant, Antimicrobial, and air filtration industries, and bring them to our clients in a clear result driven program.

At Nano Guard Marine we use the BIOPROTECT ® System to treat and protect your indoor environment.  This system incorporates a scientifically and continually evolving product line that has been in use in the antimicrobial industry for over 30 years.  We use this foundation to treat many issues found aboard yachts. We accomplish this by treating the source not masking the problem.  Our EPA and FDA approved disinfectants and Bio active agents, kill all odor causing bacteria, mold, fungi. Breakdown oil, diesel fuel, fats, and greases.

Let us come onboard and show you what a new level of clean looks like.

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What We Treat.

  1. Odors of all types can be taken care of and eliminated by killing the source. We then provide carbon filter technology to your HVAC system to keep things fresh.
    1. Grey water and black water systems
    2. Moldy and musty smells
    3. Dirty oily bilges, and diesel fuel
  2. Mold and mildew are killed on contact.
    1. Our EPA and FDA certified disinfectant kills surface microorganisms mechanically, through oxidation not poison. This safely eliminates microorganisms, in an environmentally friendly way. Additionally, this process aids in preventing the creation of chemically resistant bacteria and viruses, otherwise known as super bugs.
    2. Surface is then treated to provide up to 90 days of antimicrobial resistance
    3. Sub-micron filtration is installed in your HVAC. This will eliminate left over airborne mold spores from the air.
  3. Surfaces and touchpoints are treated to Hospital grade disinfecting standards to provide a healthy environment for everyone.
    1. Kills food borne pathogens on surfaces
    2. EPA N list certified for use in the prevention of coronavirus
    3. Other harmful microorganisms eliminated
  4. We Use submicron air filters and Carbon filter technology to treat the air you breath. This amazing technology is specifically designed for use in low flow systems like aboard many Yachts.
    1. Poor particulate air quality is linked to asthma, diabetes, Autism and many more cronic illnesses.
    2. Submicron filtration treats as the name implies at the submicron level where bacteria, viruses, and mold exist. Even larger air particulates cause problems and these are also captured.
    3. Carbon filter technology filters out harmful VOCS and odors from the air.
      1. All manmade fibers, composites, manufactured wood products, fire retardant treatments, and more create a hidden, harmful indoor environment that we breath everyday full of VOCS. These have been linked to multiple chronic illnesses, and cancers. Carbon filters naturally scrub the air of these all while helping to eliminate odors.

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what we treat

What separates Us from other Companies.

  1. In the current environment we live in it is more important than ever to have the best most effective treatment against dangerous pathogens in the environment. And there has been a increase of companies offering disinfecting and cleaning services.  What separates us from our competitors is that Nano Guard Marine, offers verifiable results that others companies just can’t. This allows us to bring the invisible world we can’t see to light with technology.
    1. We do this with in house testing by means of Hospital and FDA grade ATP testing and third-party Lab testing before and after our services.
    2. IAQ testing of the air you breath. Again, we preform both inhouse through certified testing equipment and third part analysis.
      1. We test for possible presence of mold through laser particle counters, this also reveals levels of airborne particles of various sizes. High levels or air particulates has been found to be harmful.
      2. VOC level testing to reveal harmful vapors from building materials and other household items.
      3. We take metered air samples with industry standard AIR-O-Cell cassettes that specifically identify airborne mold and other harmful particles. This is another third-party test that goes into your report.
    3. Our Use of the BIOPROTECT ® system provides a level of ongoing protection after we leave that nobody can match. This revolutionary system combines a 90-day biostatic surface protectant, (kills harmful pathogens for up to 90-days on treated surfaces).  An amazing FDA approved Hand sanitizer that offers 6hrs of protection from a single application. And high-quality, high efficiency submicron air filtration that continues to work keeping you safe long after our services are completed.
    4. We provide a detailed report with pictures, findings and test results that will give our customer a in-depth view of their indoor environment. We will also provide recommendations for continued upgrades and treatment regiments to provide on going improvements to your indoor quality of life.

    Finally, our passion. Every person who comes aboard your ship, or marine related facility has a background as a captain, engineer, or crew aboard a yacht, and understands the importance of professionalism, privacy, and the level of detail required for our high-level decerning clientele.

what separates us

Our Professional procedures.

    1. Testing: We first test air quality and surfaces for contaminates. This will create a base line as well as reveal problem areas. Test we perform are as follows.
      1. Hospital grade ATP testing; this provides a near instant test of overall cleanliness
      2. Anaerobic swab testing; this is a third-party lab test that expands on the ATP test by identifying colony forming bacteria and other potentially dangerous pathogens.
      3. Air particulate counter; takes air samples and uses lasers to count and measure particulates in the air.  This provides a baseline for our air filtration system.
      4. VOC testing, helps us find and pinpoint harmful VOCS in the air you breath
      5. Air samples taken with AIR-O-CELL cassettes that specifically identifies airborne mold and harmful air particulates. This is another third-party lab test.
      6. If any visual mold is found we will sample this and send off to a lab for analysis.
    1. HVAC system disinfecting: We have to clean and disinfect the air system first before surfaces can be treated.
      1. Clean coils in air handlers and place temporary sub-micron filters treated with bio protect 500.
      2. Electrostatically disinfect ducting with Smart Touch
    1. Degrease and wipe down touch points. This allows for better adhesion of bio protect 500 after disinfecting
    2. Electrostatically apply Smart Touch to the entire facility focusing one high traffic and touchpoint areas. Allowing proper dwell time to EPA standards of product. Wipe down dry if necessary. (our product is one of only a handful on the market that is a no rinse treatment and is rated as generally harmless by the EPA.)
    3. Retest problem areas identified previous to make sure contaminate levels are within specifications to be able to apply the bio static protectant; bio protect 500. If necessary, we will retreat areas with disinfectant.
    4. Electrostatically apply Bio Protect 500 to touch points.
    5. Test air quality and Problem areas for surface contaminates.
    6. Supply custom built air filters with gasket and submicron filters.
    7. Provide a detailed report which will include all testing results and any comments we may have to keep everyone healthy and safe.
professional procedures

Additional Services.

  1. Winter storage treatment. Let us treat your boat to prevent spring time surprises of mold and mildew.
    1. Due to damp environments when bots are stored outdoors and shrink rapped in the winter a perfect breeding ground is provided for mold and mildew
    2. This can lead to damage to certain finishes and materials
    3. Not to mention the extra cleaning needed come spring time.
    4. Contact us for more info
  1. Fleet maintenance
    1. Do You have boats for rent or charter? Let us treat your boats to provide a safe environment for your clientele.
    2. Special pricing available
    3. Contact us for more info
  1. Marina and resort facilities
    1. We can provide a custom plan to provide clean facilities for your marina guests.
      1. Additionally, this can be a unique service offered to your marina guests
      2. Provides additional revenue stream for your facility
    2. We can work with resorts with or without marinas to provide cleanliness and a better guest experience in both common areas, and guest rooms
    3. Contact us for more info
professional procedures