Mold: A Boat Owners’ Constant Battle

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Mold: A Boat Owners’ Constant Battle

For many boat owners, mold is an ongoing problem that they have to deal with. Many rely on a disinfecting company or mold remediation. 

No one enjoys being on the water knowing there’s a dangerous substance on their boat that can cause health problems. Inviting a mold remediation expert on board might be the answer, but you can take some actions yourself to prevent mold from spreading.

How do mold and mildew form?

Mold spores are always in the air. They land on surfaces that are wet and start to grow. Mold needs water, oxygen and food (which is any organic matter) to survive and thrive. Your task is stop them from getting it.

How do you prevent mold from spreading?

Experts at Sailing Britican suggest doing three things:

  • Fix any leaks.

You have to find the source of leaks as soon as possible. Little leaks on a boat of any size can turn into a huge problem. Mold thrives in wet environments, and you don’t want to let it have a party on your boat.

  • Use a dehumidifier and maximize ventilation.

It’s very important because mold loves moisture in the air and you don’t want to let it enjoy your boat. A dehumidifier will make the air on your boat dry, which is less friendly to mold. Even simple ventilation will help to keep the needed dryness in the air.

  • Clean up.

What does mold really enjoy growing on? Dirty surfaces! There’s so much organic matter to feed on. Wash everything with fresh water, and dry if possible.

When cleaning, they recommend that you especially pay attention to:

  • Portlights and hatches
  • Loose stanchions
  • Chain plates that penetrate the deck
  • Deck-stepped masts
  • Water leaking though the deck core
  • Clogged cockpit scuppers
  • Teak deck filler
  • Closets 
  • Hatch roller blinds
  • Behind curtains
  • Inside ventilation systems

Even with all these precautions, it’s impossible to completely remove mold from a boat interior. It’s always in the air waiting for its chance to spread. Calling a mold remediation company is the best choice if you already have a problem. We at NanoGuard CP are always here to answer your questions. Drop us a message or call us for any information you need about mold remediation.

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