Types of Dangerous Mold

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Types of Dangerous Mold

There’s no place on earth that is mold free. Most mold is not dangerous; it’s even necessary for cleaning the earth. Most mold in your house can be washed with soap and water or temporarily removed with bleach. But some types of molds are extremely dangerous and have no place anywhere near you. It has to be removed, and a lot of disinfecting companies claim they can do just that. But it’s always best to go with a proven mold remediation company.

What types of molds are considered dangerous? 

Toxic mold is not common, but its best to be aware of the risks. Professionals at www.wideopencountry.com name the most common types of toxic mold. 

  • Acremonium

In the beginning, it’s small and moist, but later as it grows, it changes its color to pink, gray, orange or white. It also becomes powdery. It’s found in humidifiers, drain pans, and window sealants. The toxicity could cause health problems like bone marrow and immune system diseases. 

  • Alternaria

Mostly found in showers or bathtubs and is known by its silky texture with dark-green or brown hairs. This mold is allergenic and can cause coughing, watery eyes, and other reactions.

  • Aspergillus

It’s very common in American homes. It can form thick layers on walls and comes in 185 shapes and colors. It leads to allergic reactions and respiratory infections.

  • Fusarium

Pink, white or red toxic mold that grows on food. Check what you eat and dispose of any moldy products to avoid allergic reactions or toxic harm.

  • Stachybotrys (Black Mold)

This toxic mold can cause really big health issues and has to be removed quickly. It’s slimy in texture and has a dark-green or black color. This mold usually grows in places that have been damp for a long time. 

If you found any of the above molds or something that looks questionable, call professionals immediately. Whether it is toxic or not, mold should always be removed as soon as possible. This mold has to be removed as soon as possible before causing any severe health problem to you or your loved ones. We at NanoGuard CP are experts at dealing with dangerous mold and offer advanced mold remediation. Contact us for a FREE evaluation.

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