Will Disinfecting Bring Business Back to Cruise Ships?

Will Disinfecting Bring Business Back to Cruise Ships?

Will Disinfecting Bring Business Back to Cruise Ships?

As the vaccine is being distributed across the country, we are seeing an increasing demand for our disinfection services. Being vaccinated will provide protection against Covid-19, but experts agree that it will take more than that to give consumers the confidence needed to return to certain areas of pre-pandemic life. In the cruise business, disinfecting and air purification services will play an important role in bringing passengers back. 

We have extensive experience in the marine industry, so we understand the challenges the cruise industry faces as they begin to develop a strategy that will give passengers the confidence to pack their bags and climb aboard. 

The Forecast for Cruises

The question isn’t whether or not cruise ships will once again sail the seas, the CDC lifted the no-sail order last fall. The question, as the folks at AARP point out is will cruising be safe? 

The CDC may have lifted the ban on cruising, but there are still plenty of guidelines and protocols in place, intended to protect passengers and crew and prevent further spread of the coronavirus. 

According to AARP, “The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which represents 95 percent of the industry, said its members will return ‘when the time is right, and that timing will be based on a number of factors, including, most importantly, input from scientists and medical experts.’”

The New Normal

When the cruise ships to begin to welcome passengers back on board, veteran cruisers will notice some changes. 

AARP says to expect the following changes:

  • The CDC guidelines limit cruises to seven days. 
  • Passengers and crew will be required to take a Covid-19 test on the day they sail – and the day they return. 
  • The CLIA has developed its own protocols, too, which include enhanced ventilation and air purification systems.
  • Because of the challenge of calling at ports in different countries, you may see more “cruises to nowhere.”

“Future travelers can also expect temperature screenings on embarkation and socially distanced seating everywhere — from dining rooms to pool decks,” AARP says. “Holland America has said it will convert buffet restaurants to serviced ones.”
In this new era of cruising, the experts at our disinfecting company expect to see passengers expressing an increasing preference for smaller ships and smaller crowds.

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