Will Disinfection Services Make People Feel Better About Flying?

Will Disinfection Services Make People Feel Better About Flying?

Here at NanoGuard, one of the most reliable and professional mold remediation and disinfection companies in Florida, we understand the unique needs of the aviation industry. Our powerful four-step disinfection service meets CDC guidelines as well as criteria established by leading aviation authorities around the world.

Aviation industry professionals understand the importance of deep cleaning everything from the air frame to the navigational equipment and appreciate the extents to which our highly effective teams go to disinfect private planes, commercial aircraft and even ATC towers.

The general flying public, however, may not appreciate the cutting-edge technology that is being used to help keep them safe. In fact, just about every article you see about safely traveling by air focuses almost exclusively on the steps that individual travelers can take to protect themselves. 

Fear of Flying

While the major airlines as well as private aviation companies are hiring disinfection companies in their efforts to follow CDC guidelines regarding the enhanced cleaning of aircraft, those individuals who have chosen to fly or who must fly, whether for business or personal reasons, are also looking for guidance. 

The New York Times, USA Today and even Martha Stewart are among the many sources offering travelers advice on how to clean and disinfect their seat and personal space on an airplane.  

“Wipe down any hard surfaces you will touch during your flight, including your arm and head rests, food tray, TV and audio controls, and belt buckles,” is the advice on the Martha Stewart website. “To make sure you’ve properly sanitized these areas, [Thomas Horowitz, M.D., family medicine specialist at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center] says you must allow the surfaces to remain wet from the wipe and dry naturally. Without adequate ‘wet’ time, they may not work.”

Just try standing in the aisle of an airplane until the seat you wiped down has dried! 
These steps may give travelers a sense of control and provide some protection, but airlines will still need to employ a disinfecting company to do the heavy lifting of keeping planes safe for the flying public.

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