Water Damage

Beyond the aesthetic concern, water damage and staining may conceal more significant issues. Unaddressed, water-damaged building materials can deteriorate at a faster rate than anticipated, potentially resulting in structural problems and material failure. Moreover, water damage often paves the way for mold growth. Even when mold isn’t visibly apparent, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of intrusion or the existence of a hidden colony on the backside of drywall, consistently producing spores and dispersing them throughout your home. Identifying and promptly addressing water damage is crucial to mitigating both immediate and potential long-term consequences.

About Us

NanoGuard’s founders have long been interested in improving our indoor environments; every day we are surrounded by billions of microorganisms that affect us. Whether they’re of mild irritants, or an extreme threat to personal property and health, we’ve tackled it. After years’ worth of work and research as well as conducting thousands of jobs, we continue striving to bring the highest level of care and safety to all our clients at home and at work.

We’ve made a name for ourselves in the restoration world assisting clients with mold, water, and indoor air quality issues. We’ve gained our reputation by treating our clients with respect, courtesy, & care. Your experience is as important to us as the services we provide!

  • We provide an evaluation of your space & diagnose any potential problems you may have.
  • We present you with a tailored plan to alleviate the problems you’re facing, now & in the future.
  • We supply the best payment & financing options to suit your needs.
  • We complete the work necessary to ensure the health & happiness of your space!