Our Orlando Mold Remediation Services

NanoGuard’s founders have long been interested in improving our indoor environments; every day we are surrounded by billions of microorganisms at home, work, or leisure. These organisms are mold, allergens, microbes, germs, pathogens, and viruses.  Following 15 years’ worth of work by Healthy Builds and their Healthier Environments Living Program Nanoguard are striving to bring this level of care and safety to all our clients at home and work.

With as many as one in two Americans suffering a reduced quality of life or serious illness through surface contact or air transmission of allergens, pathogens, viruses, germs, and other particulate matter. It is our mission at NanoGuard to educate and help people “see”, recognize, and understand the many invisible threats which surround us and affect us in our everyday environments.

Our business is all about your quality of life, once you understand and recognize these threats, we can eliminate them together. This is an inexpensive process which in most cases will bring immediate, discernable, and measurable results.

NanoGuard was being developed to address the issues of Indoor Air Qualities and illness transmissions- all of this was prior to the onset of the current pandemic.  Our aim was, and is, to create an ongoing programme for all occupied spaces to ensure a safe and healthy living and working environment.  This requires a strict set of procedures, protocols and Best Practices which have been, and continue to be developed.

Addressing these issues combines technologies involving sub-micron air filtration, hard and soft surface disinfection and finally a pathogen shield which will render surfaces safe for as much as three months. All products and techniques are in line with CDC guidelines and are tested and approved by the EPA. Technicians are trained to the highest levels of competence and compliance to procedural rules, this results in a safe and effective treatment of any space every time.

NanoGuard brings together a broad range of skills, expertise, and experiences. We have Marine and Aviation engineers, industrial chemist, home inspectors and centuries of combined business talent.


Free Evaluation.

With such a high demand for our field of expertise, and a desperate need for knowledge, we are now offering home and business evaluations with one of our technicians free of charge. Each location has it’s own challenges. Our trained technicians will provide several measured tests, review the space in question, and provide a customized plan of action for your family or business. We’ll also give you intimate knowledge on how to protect your space from invisible threats now – and in the future.