Hospitality Industry Disinfection

We are EPA-Certified and CDC-Recognized

We are non-toxic and safe for children and pets

We use only the best in cutting-edge technology

We have a proprietary multi-step process

We kill pathogens and provide a 90-day shield.

Boosting Consumer Confidence in Hospitality industry disinfection 


In today’s uncertain times, people hesitate to travel, dine, and engage in leisure activities. This hesitation has significantly affected consumer behavior. As a responsible hospitality industry disinfection provider, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and spotless environment. At NanoGuard, we stand committed to providing exceptional cleaning and sanitization services. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and staff.

We understand that peace of mind is essential for encouraging travel and recreation like before. At NanoGuard, our team employs the most effective cleaning protocols and health standards to address this. This ensures that every guest can feel secure and relaxed within our premises. We aim to restore the comfort and enjoyment of pre-pandemic activities by maintaining rigorous cleanliness standards. We’re dedicated to cleanliness, which boosts customer traffic and guest satisfaction and lowers sick days for our staff.

We also regularly train our staff in the latest health and safety guidelines, keeping them updated on the best hygiene practices. This training ensures that every team member has the abilities required to maintain the highest cleanliness levels. We also use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Our environmentally friendly cleaning agents are effective against pathogens but gentle on the environment.

In addition to our on-site efforts, we clearly and transparently communicate our hygiene practices to all potential clients. We share updates on our cleaning protocols and safety measures through our website, social media platforms, and direct communications. This helps us keep everyone informed about our efforts. By openly sharing how we manage and maintain cleanliness, we build trust and assure our clients of their safety during their stay.


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We aim to boost consumer confidence by enhancing our cleaning practices and transparently communicating our efforts. This encourages more people to enjoy the experiences we offer. At NanoGuard, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every guest leaves our establishment feeling safe and satisfied, eager to return.

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NanoGuard cares about people first and business after. Knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasure to work with.

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Very professional and reliable company. Excellent service. We definitely recommend NanoGuard.

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Enhancing Guest Experience with Superior Cleanliness


The hospitality industry’s heightened expectations for hygiene and cleanliness have fundamentally shifted our operational focus. We prioritize cleanliness more than ever, and clients prioritize these elements when selecting accommodations and dining venues. Recognizing this shift, we commit to deploying advanced cleaning technologies. We’ve also implemented rigorous protocols to ensure every area of our facility meets the highest standards of cleanliness.

Our diligent team trains to manage all aspects of cleaning with exceptional care and precision. We start by enhancing the guest experience. Every corner of the establishment is meticulously cleaned and sanitized, from the guest rooms to the dining areas and lounges to the meeting spaces. We leave no space untouched and aim to make visible cleanliness a hallmark of our service, reinforcing our dedication to guest safety and satisfaction.

To further elevate the guest experience, we focus on the details that make a stay memorable. This job involves ensuring all linens are freshly laundered, polishing surfaces free of fingerprints, and maintaining fresh, inviting air. We also prioritize responsive customer service. This helps us address any cleanliness concerns immediately, demonstrating our commitment to guest comfort in real-time.

Moreover, we frequently update our cleaning protocols to incorporate the latest health and safety recommendations. This ensures that our methods respond to current trends and anticipate future needs. Investing in eco-friendly cleaning agents and sustainable practices protects our clients and contributes to the environment’s well-being. These efforts are part of our broader commitment to sustainability, which is essential to modern hospitality.

In addition to maintaining pristine conditions, we communicate our cleaning standards and practices through informative signage and digital communications. This transparency helps reassure clients about the safety of their environment. It gives them the chance to unwind and savor every moment without concern.

Integrating state-of-the-art cleanliness with attentive service ensures every guest enjoys a safe and comfortable. Our sustainable practices further enhance their experience. Our commitment to superior cleanliness is about meeting expectations and exceeding them. It improves our reputation as a leader, ensuring that clients choose our establishment time and again for their travel needs.

Sustaining Healthier Environments for Staff and Visitors


At NanoGuard, we firmly believe that the well-being of our staff is essential. It ensures we deliver the high-quality service that our clients expect. This belief drives our commitment to maintaining a clean and safe working environment. It not only minimizes health risks but also boosts staff morale and efficiency.

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By implementing comprehensive cleaning solutions targeting aesthetic cleanliness and microbial safety, we actively work to reduce the spread of illnesses. This ensures a healthier atmosphere for both our team and visitors. Our proactive approach extends beyond routine cleaning. We incorporate advanced sanitization technologies that are effective against various pathogens. This ensures thorough disinfection by targeting high-touch areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, and reception desks. This meticulous attention to detail supports a healthier environment and reassures everyone who enters our premises of their safety.

We also engage our staff in regular health and safety training sessions. These sessions empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain high hygiene standards. This training includes updates on the latest health advisories and best practices in disease prevention. This ensures our team is well-prepared to handle any health-related challenges. Additionally, we provide our staff with personal protective equipment. We also encourage a culture of health awareness, making safety a shared responsibility.

To further support our commitment to a healthy environment, we closely monitor the well-being of our staff. We offer support and resources such as flu vaccinations and health screenings. These wellness programs help prevent the onset of illness. We also reduce absenteeism, enhancing our overall service quality and reliability.

Moreover, at NanoGuard, we maintain an open line of communication with our clients regarding our health and safety measures. We foster a trusting relationship by transparently sharing how we protect their health and that of our staff, enhancing their overall experience. Our clients appreciate the visible signs of our commitment to health. These include the availability of hand sanitizing stations and the prompt response of our staff to any concerns they might express.

By investing in the health and safety of our staff and visitors, we uphold our reputation as a responsible provider. Additionally, we create a welcoming and secure environment that encourages repeat visits. At NanoGuard, our dedication to maintaining a healthy workplace reflects our broader commitment to excellence in hospitality. This ensures that our clients and staff feel secure and valued during their time with us.