Commercial Industry Disinfection Services

We are EPA-Certified and CDC-Recognized

We are non-toxic and safe for children and pets

We use only the best in cutting-edge technology

We have a proprietary multi-step process

We kill pathogens and provide a 90-day shield.

Extensive Commercial INDUSTRY Disinfection Services


At NanoGuard, we are deeply committed to providing superior commercial industry disinfection services. We recognize that the cleanliness of your business premises is fundamental to its success. Our expert team employs the latest disinfection technology. We use EPA-approved solutions to sanitize your workspace. Additionally, we use innovative methods to ensure thorough sanitation. These include electrostatic sprayers and UV light treatments across every inch. This comprehensive approach targets all surfaces and high-traffic areas. It effectively neutralizes pathogens and reduces the spread of illnesses.

We understand the unique aspects of various commercial environments. This includes office buildings, retail spaces, and large industrial complexes. We customized our service to suit your specific requirements. We start by thoroughly assessing your premises to pinpoint key areas of concern. Then, we create a customized disinfection plan based on this assessment. This strategic approach addresses current sanitation needs and prepares for future challenges. It helps keep your workspace safe and compliant with health regulations.

Our commitment extends beyond one-time services. We offer ongoing disinfection programs designed to maintain the highest levels of hygiene over the long term. Regularly scheduled treatments help keep your environment safe and welcoming for employees and customers. This maintenance not only maintains productivity but also enhances your business’s reputation.

By choosing NanoGuard’s comprehensive commercial industry disinfection services, you ensure a pristine working environment. You also invest in the well-being and welfare of all who enter your premises. We provide peace of mind by maintaining rigorous standards. Our proactive measures allow you to focus on running your business with confidence.


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At NanoGuard, we go beyond surface-level cleanliness. Our services are vital in areas where hygiene is crucial, including healthcare facilities, schools, and food service establishments. We understand that each industry has its own set of challenges and regulatory requirements. Therefore, we customize our disinfection protocols to meet these specific standards.

Our skilled team excels at navigating the intricacies of diverse business landscapes. We ensure that your business meets and exceeds health and safety expectations. Our dedicated service helps safeguard your operational continuity. We minimize downtime caused by health-related absences and promote a positive image that reflects your brand’s high standards. Trust NanoGuard to be your partner in maintaining a clean, healthy, and prosperous business environment.

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NanoGuard was one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Highly recommend.

Kelsey Borgardts

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NanoGuard cares about people first and business after. Knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasure to work with.

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Very professional and reliable company. Excellent service. We definitely recommend NanoGuard.

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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality for Business Excellence


At NanoGuard, we know how crucial maintaining excellent indoor air quality is. It has a direct influence on the well-being and work efficiency of your employees and ensures satisfaction for your clients. We designed our advanced air quality services to fight pollutants, allergens, and pathogens. These elements can compromise workplace environments. We use state-of-the-art air purification systems and HVAC enhancements to filter and cleanse the air. This fosters a healthier and more inviting ambiance for all within your establishment.

We kick off by thoroughly evaluating your existing air quality and ventilation setups. This step helps us pinpoint where enhancements are needed and enables us to customize our strategy to suit your commercial premises precisely. We use cutting-edge air filtration technologies to optimize your HVAC systems. This ensures that the air in your premises meets regulatory standards. It even exceeds them, promoting a productive work environment.

Consistent checking and upkeep of air purity are integral to our service offerings. We continuously assess and adjust to accommodate changes in your commercial space. These changes may result from seasonal variations or alterations in workspace usage. This proactive approach maintains good air quality. It also boosts energy efficiency, cutting operational costs.

We also focus on the aesthetic and comfort aspects of your commercial space. Clean, fresh air contributes significantly to creating an inviting atmosphere for clients and a motivating environment for employees. Maintaining superior air quality has several benefits. Enhancing this can elevate customer satisfaction and boost employee morale, leading to more loyalty and productivity in businesses. Our services are integral in helping you build a reputable brand that values health and well-being.

Investing in NanoGuard’s air quality services means trusting experts who commit to enhancing your business environment. Improving air quality helps reduce respiratory issues and health-related absences. This benefits your workforce’s efficiency and your bottom line. Choose NanoGuard for a cleaner, healthier, and more dynamic commercial space that supports business excellence and growth.

Long-term Commercial Protection and Preventative Solutions


NanoGuard understands the importance of resilience in commercial settings. Our long-term commercial protection and preventive solutions fortify your business against future threats. Our services go beyond immediate restoration. We focus on strengthening your premises to effectively withstand potential crises and everyday challenges.

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Our approach starts with a thorough structural assessment. It finds vulnerabilities that could worsen from the environment or wear and tear. We use advanced moisture control systems to prevent mold growth and structural decay. These are key factors that can undermine the integrity of your building.

In addition to physical safeguards, we emphasize strategic planning for disaster preparedness. Creating custom emergency response plans involves detailing specific actions. We designed these strategies to reduce harm and accelerate the restoration process during emergencies. Our team provides training for your staff on these protocols. It ensures preparedness for everyone and puts proactive measures in place.

Moreover, our long-term protection services integrate seamlessly into your business continuity planning. By partnering with NanoGuard, you secure an ally in business resilience, ready to assist not only in times of crisis but also in daily operations. We are proactive about commercial health and safety. This ensures that your business is solid and ready to handle present and future challenges confidently. This strategy provides stability for your business, making it resilient against various challenges.

Partnering with NanoGuard means investing in long-term protection for your commercial space. This service not only restores but also enhances your environment. We assist you in managing a safe and efficient workplace. Our smart solutions and expert guidance ensure that your business is ready to face future challenges with confidence.