Is that Mold?

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Is that Mold?

Many times people are hesitant to call a mold remediation company. They are embarrassed to admit that they have a problem with mold. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Mold is everywhere. It forms from tiny spores that float in the air. 

Sometimes people don’t schedule a mold remediation because they aren’t sure if they have mold or if it’s a water stain or maybe a build up of greasy dirt. 

How do you know you need professional mold remediation?

There are many different types of mold. All of them love to grow in damp places in your house. Sometimes it’s difficult to say, if you’re not a professional, if it’s mold or dirt in front of you. There’re a few things that can make you be less doubtful and more confident when it comes to mold recognition and the need for a professional mold remediation company.

  • Is it mold or dirt?

Most mold is obvious, but sometimes it looks like dirt. Do a quick test. Spray a small amount of bleach on the surface that has the dark spot in question and wait one or two minutes. If it’s mold or mildew, the spot will lighten up. It also can come back after cleaning though. If it’s still there, it’s most likely dirt. To get rid of mold completely or learn the source of its appearance, you will need a mold remediation or disinfecting service.

  • Check for leaks. 

A lot of times you find mold near plumbing systems, icemakers and water filters. It can mean that you have a leak. Run water and check the pipes. 

  • Look outside.

Sometimes mold forms on the ceiling or exterior walls. You might have a leak in your walls or roof. You have to inspect vents, decks and windows as well as the ground near the house. If it’s too wet, moisture can sneak into the foundation and mold will form.
You can remove some mildew or mold with soap and water, but if you suspect that the mold you found is dangerous, it’s important to get professional help because exposure to toxic mold can turn into a serious health risk. Contact us if you have any questions about dark spots in your house and need mold remediation.

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